The human body is made up of atoms that rely on a certain vibration in order to exist. This vibration is a key element to all living things. It has many names and principles, yet it is very well known for its most common one: SOUND. The word cOMes from Sun or Sone = tone or one. Oneness is omni or all meaning God. Another synonym for sound is the word Sonance (derived fron Sund = Tune), which applies to the quality of sound that is voiced like vowels. Sonance= Resonance, or re-sonance. Resonance is the Divine, or Son of God.hypnoeyes-300x225

Several spiritual cultures believe that all creation was created by God’s words (“the word”), which is sound. Sound has been acknowledged by many cultures around the world in the great OM (the verbal utterance of the Almighty to creation). “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…All things were made by him; and without him, was not anything made that was made”. This quote represents sound. This sound is one basic underlying force where all the dynamic qualities of the smallest and biggest parts of life are regulated by in a way still unknown to science, but known in the hearts of every human being.
Sound plays a part in everyday life and different sounds are very important to be aware of because they affect the way we feel which affects our overall health. The shamans and Indians discovered long ago that certain sounds can be made with your body for healing and medical purposes. For example, hum E for your head, Eh for the neck and throat, Ah for the heart, O for the stomach and Ooh for the sexual organs. Humming activates the charkas in these areas, circulating healing energies throughout the body.
Frequency is the repetition of sound waves that causes re-sonance. Modern Science has proven that in order for the cells in our body to function in perfect order, they require particular vibrations of information or resonance which is ultimately kinetic electricity. In other words sound is information that is electro-magnetic in nature and is passed on throughout our body in order to ensure proper function. All of our body’s sound information is stored within the water of our cells which is approximately 70% by volume. All water is governed by sound.
Light & Sound Nutrition® has taken the next step in the scientific evolution of natural products by developing SONIC SILVER™, a very unique pure natural liquid formula that is made with the application of sound in the same way nature puts information into our cells. The unique sound waves generated by a proprietary process of technology are made in a way that they will re-curse and build in a continuous matter from its previous state of wave flow. NOTICEABLE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE in that a very strong negative ion electromagnetic charge has been established. This kind of charge makes cellular rejuvenation possible. Negative Ions have been known to allow EXTREME HEALING and REJUVENATION to take place within the overall body cells thus CAUSING OVERALL HEALTH and HAPPINESS!
It is very important to know that most so-called natural products are not really natural they contain harmful chemical stabilizers and binders, because the manufacturers are unaware of how to do this electromagnetically. At Light &Sound Nutrition® we further enhance our products quality and performance with a high kinetic charge, by the application of Light and Sound waves. The direction of wave flow is a very unique blend of re-cursing patterns that are similar to the patterns used in ancient science of alchemy, esoteric science, hermetic science, numerology and sacred geometry. The Sound created by SONIC SILVER™ charges and structures the water (Sergio – link to structured water) in the cells, with INCREDIBLE REJUVENATION INFORMATION. This creates an unsuitable environment for unwanted stagnant energies, and germs, viruses, yeast, mold, and parasites. It actually destroys all one-celled bacteria on contact, allowing TOTAL HEALTH and HAPPINESS for all. Remember POWERFUL+SAFE=NATURAL


ION_0002-300x242MONO-ATOMIC is a unique state of electromagnetic wave flow based on the principle of time reversal or time continuum of negative energy which is brought about by the re-structured potentialization of the electrons. Electrons are re-structured to make bilateral waves that co-exist in order to exist as one unified field (mono-atomic state). This is also known by a small percentage of the scientific community as Phase Conjunction Mirror (PCM) or the hyper-spatial transmission of signal waves into vector 0 point. This is a state that is achieved so that the mineral particles will be charged with the correct design to allow the particles to be held in suspension by a recurring/imploding/infinite pump-wave. This unified field will continue to pump itself with information from previous state of existence which is stressed time (or non-linear) to some and to others, is known as the spirit world or 5th dimension of Newtonian Law. Regardless, this implosion of energy is of an infinite nature. The mono-atomic state is the pre-physical state of an atom before it is polarized by duality (or 3D).
This state of mono-atomic (or pre-state of the atom) is based on the free electron state that occurs as a result of a toroidal wave-spin orientation (which ultimately is a single unified field that pumps itself with energy that is of a mono-atomic nature). This phenomenon, called mono-atomic, was tested in 1943 with the Philadelphia experiment in which the United States government was conducting experiments for the purpose of trying to remove their battleships from enemy radar. This mono-atomic (or unified field) was created on the outside of the United States Navy battleship U.S.S Eldridge as a result of two counter-rotating electromagnetic fields, similar to an electron on the outside of an atom. To their amazement, the battleship disappeared from our 3D existence, as we know it. The battleship then re-appeared in 1983 when they did the experiment again. This unplanned event baffled the scientists, but eventually enabled them to learn about “wormholes”, giving birth to 21st century wormhole technology. The ship, like the atom, followed its pre-existing path in time, and in order to adapt to its new environment, disappeared from our existence of 3D reality into vector 0 point. In vector 0 point reality, there is no duality; therefore, there is no time like the time we experience in our 3D reality. There is only recursive time application from concurrently running sequence.
The earliest, and in my opinion the most remarkable, reference to the mono-atomic state comes from genius Nikola Tesla (who was also involved in the Philadelphia experiment). He published several scientific publications on the mono-atomic state. Although most of them were considered top secret, and were inaccessible to the public, small amounts of information have managed to leak through government security. Most of this information is gathered by the International Tesla Society (P.O. Box 5636, Colorado Springs, CO 80931). One of Tesla’s inventions was a certain kind of gas known today as Browns Gas. This gas that Tesla used, called by him as “mono-atomic hydrogen”, is an imploding principle of self-adjusting flame. This principle of mono-atomic states of ionized fields is truly fascinating and cutting edge. These quantum principles, based on science, are only now becoming discovered.
We here at Light and Sound Nutrition, look forward to research and development into the quantum age of technology and are already presenting new and very unique products based on this technology to the natural products arena. We look forward to doing business with you and collaborating with companies bold enough to take the next step into natural products by eliminating their harmful dyes, emulsifiers, protein catalysts, stabilizers/preservatives or anything un-natural to the human body. We do not use these chemicals and are proud that our truly natural method of stabilizing our minerals electro-magnetically eliminates the need for detrimental chemicals. We are also here to share business relations with our competitors and to show other companies how to reduce their manufacturing costs by eliminating the unnecessary stabilizers, while at the same time, increasing quality and encompassing the capability of becoming a truly natural product.

There is a principle known to science called ionization. Ionization is a completion (or evolution) of a higher order for all the elements. This process is also called life. For us humans, the evolution process of ionization is no different. We also require negative ion, northern polarity molecular spin. It is the spin of life that keeps all life in co-existence. This spin can be defined as love. This Love is the basis of our technology.
Love is a word that can be defined by its very unique basic principle of law. This principle is the law of giving. Given in a way that the action behind the gift itself is presented with new meaning when it is received, the true recipient ultimately is the giver. It would be safe to say, that Love equals the universal law of inertic giving. An energy that presents itself to its surrounding environment by re-cursing from inner to outer, using spin as its momentum is the ultimate direction behind love. This energy is then able to capture new information and therefore, expand from the previous informational circle. This is called an implosion, fractal recursion, or in other ION_0001-300x242scientific quantum terms, vector 0, wormhole technology, or conductive phase continuum (CFC). Since this information originally comes from an ionized electromagnetic pure energy source from the ethereal plane of earth, it is the original state of our existence before we were polarized by duality and densified into a carbon-based molecular structure with 6 electrons, 6 neutrons and 6 protons in order to make up the carbon atom structure form of humans. … The information from the ethereal plane is the information our cells use to remember their origin. It has been scientifically proven that cells bombarded by negative ion currents regenerate and become healthy again. Negative ions are the basis of the electromagnetic exchange of information that is also given to the ocean water from the sun in order for life to flourish in the water. This is the same principle in that the information that is given is love.
The work by Clive Baxter (reference his book The Secret Life of Plants), and others like him has shown us proof that plants can grow faster, healthier and stronger when given love and care from researchers. This is opposed to the plants that were not given the same love and care and were actually tortured by the verbal abuse that was projected to them by the researchers, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the growth factor and cellular regeneration of the abused plants were much less. Another study by Dr. Emoto from Japan and Dr. Lee Lorenzen, has shown us that water responded to the word Love when it was written on the container that was carrying the water. The water responded by shaping itself into a very intricate geometrical structure that you can see in some of the pictures of his books, The Message of Water. The water that is now re-structured with the new information of love within its structure, will now resonate electromagnetically with a higher vibration/inertia or velocity rate. This is how new information is passed by the water and captured by human cellular water.
Love is the fundamental root of all that exists.Is said to be primary source of spiritual intuition, and the seat of true wisdom. The purpose of which is to illuminate, inspire and lead the mind, rather than be controlled by the mind.


Sacred heart ALCHEMY
This next portion is to give the consumer a little bit of history on the origins of science so that we can establish an ultimate direction of intention behind our work here at Light and Sound Nutrition™. The purpose of this next informational piece is for general awareness, acknowledgement and exploration of the true origins of science history that has not been very recognized nor accepted in today’s day and age, nor has it been acknowledged by many scientific text books across the country, until now. Nevertheless, the truth leads to the true derivation of science and the beginning of the discovery of energy. This information is not meant to challenge anyone’s religious, political, scientific or personal beliefs in any way, shape or form. The earliest known scientists that we can acknowledge from our present, modern day perspective, come from Alchemy. The word Alchemy stems from the term all-chemical or all-chemistry. Surfactant chemistry, the study of chemicals, and for that matter, all components and elements acknowledged by today’s scientific technology, originally came from the study of alchemy. The basic fundamental rudiment of Alchemy was the acknowledgement and study of energies being changed as a result of the manipulation and displacement of four atoms: earth, wind, fire and water (in relation to carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen). These atoms were known as the four ultimate elements.
These elements were the nucleus of all elemental manipulation of energies. These four atoms (ultimate elements) were manipulated by changing the velocity, rate and flow of direction of electron spin within the nucleus of those atoms. The re-structured electron spin thoroughly dictated and regulated any changes needed externally and internally within the atom nucleus. Therefore, by re-directing the surrounding energies of an electromagnetic nature (wave), the electron spin of the atom contained in, for example, liquid or water, will be highly affected and changed as a result. The Alchemist’s spoken word, prayer or intention can now be understood and re-acknowledged toward the electrons needed for energetic influence to the atoms and ultimately to the rest of the body, then surrounding earth bodies via electromagnetic wave flow. This is some of the works performed by ancient alchemists which were understood as incredible feats of magic by their present day viewers that were unfamiliar with the principles of geo-electromagnetic wave flow.
It was highly acknowledged by the ancient alchemists how the surrounding environment of any elements would be tremendously affected by the energy given to it which comes from within. True alchemists had the divine knowledge of how to manipulate energy fields by utilizing principles of hermetic science, which is based upon numerology and sacred geometry. It was also well acknowledged by the ancient alchemists, that the energies manipulated resulting in surrounding environmental change, were activated on a micro-scale all the way up to a macro, meaning the ancient scientists were able to manipulate environmental changes within his own body and also within the body of earth and therefore, our own surrounding environment which is the universe. These alchemists were responsible for incredible transformations such as the transmutation of base metals into gold, liquids into energetic tonics and elixirs, and the performance of incredible feats of environmental change (for example Christ turning water into wine or healing the sick). There were many famous alchemists throughout history. Some were labeled good (like Christ, Buddha, Saint Germain and Babaji, etc.), and there were also some were labeled heretics because of the threat they imposed to their present day political and religious standards (like Alexander Crowley, King Solomon, Merlin and Moses, etc.).
There are examples of modern day alchemy which include electricity, the manipulation of sound through radio, television and amplification systems and also through the manipulation of the water molecule and the understanding of how water receives, stores and transmits electronic information. The most noteworthy modern day alchemist would be the inventor, Nikola Tesla who discovered a new application for a new kind of energy that would revolutionize whole society as we know it. From the ionization of gas by high voltage he was able to transmutate gas into light, and by that process, discovered ionized energy. Ionized energy is the basis for just about all electronic appliances used to this day. Nikola Tesla was responsible for the invention of the Ham radio, television, radio, telephone, light bulb and even the computer, all of which he is still not very well known for. He is more known for his invention and discovery of alternating current. It is very important to note that before AC was used, the true discovery of AC by Nikola Tesla was free energy or the transmission of unlimited voltage via radio signal. This kind of signal can only be done using ionized energy from the earth’s ionosphere. Tesla, in fact, proved the principle of powering the entire world by utilizing ionized energies with the Tesla Tower that he built in 1942. This type of energy would also be relevant in keeping all waters (including the water in our cells) properly charged by the exposed rays of energy that we would be bombarded with as a result of our whole society being generated and run by ionized electricity. As we know, this has not happened yet, there had to be some way to harness a controllable flow of current due to economical/financial constraints. This is how AC came about. This was done by placing a 60clc.htz. carrier wave known as UL approval. This resistance is the reason why electricity can be deadly to the human. If this resistance is removed, you will have mother nature’s all-natural ionized free flowing energy. The charge from the exposure of this energy to our bodies would become capacitated (stored) within our own bodies and enhanced by our electromagnetic genetic make-up.
The principles used by ancient alchemy can now be understood in a new form of scientific understanding called quantum science. There is a new acknowledgment with physics that created a new understanding and field called quantum physics. This is merely an understanding and acknowledgement taken one step forward to the answer of the scientific and spiritual question of why and how are we here. Quantum, or the word “quant”, means four and represents the fourth state of existence. The fourth state of existence is the understanding of how energy can be manipulated by thought, therefore changing the old paradigm of an uncontrollable environment to a controllable environment, re-establishing an omni-directional wave flow of thought encompassing our greater selves on this new paradigm. The place we knew of and were dependent upon was the 3 dimensional reality of space-time continuum. This reality can now be acknowledged as a fourth dimensional continuum (known as vector 0 to the military) and is devoid of space-time. The fourth dimension (or quantum application of thought) is an awareness of the realization that there is a fifth dimension and it is also the pre-cursor (or starting point) for this next version of reality. The fifth dimension has a symbiotic relation to its previous dimensions and is the ionization of the third from the perspective of the fourth. This process of ionization is also known Heaven on Earth, the bringing in the golden era or the Age of Aquarius, all pf which has been prophesized by many ancient texts around the world, including the Christian and Catholic bibles, dead sea scrolls, Sumerian tablets, kabbalah etc. ). The energies that originally shaped our previous 3-D can now be ionized and transformed into the realization of control over our internal and external environments as it is written for us to take dominion over the earth.
We the people at Light and Sound Nutrition™, in order to form a more perfect product, utilize the principles of these new/ancient technologies. We feel our research and development here at Light and Sound Nutrition™, is of uttermost importance in the field of electro-medicine and we feel that our products reflect the high standards and divine importance of the principle behind them. We look forward to collaborating with other natural product manufacturers in order to teach new principles of electro-stabilization of protein and mineral binding. We feel our process is superior and invite any manufacturer in the natural product industry to take the next step forward with us into a new era of energetic/electromagnetic catalyst based products and fully natural products highly charged with kinetic energy. Take CHARGE of your health! (Sergio – put visual of lightning bolt next to charge and outline yellow with red)
Ankh or Ansate cross, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifying life, health and happiness. This cross has been extensively used in the symbolism of the Coptic Christian church.


The SACRED…. is that which is the object of veneration and awe. The term comes from the Latin sacer meaning restricted or set off. A person may be designated as sacred, and so can an object or a place which is regarded as extraordinary or unique. The term sacer is closely related to numen meaning mysterious power or god. Numinous is used to describe the sacred to indicate its power. Various traditions around the world have a term which correlates with sacer. In Hebrew the term is qadosh, in Greek hagios, in Arabic muqaddas, and in Polynesian tapu. Correlates of numen are found in the Sanskrit word Brahman, in the Sioux wakanda, the Melanesian mana, and the old German word haminja meaning luck. The presumption is that the divine or some supernatural or spiritual force is manifesting itself to the beholder, who feels privileged thereby. It may be suspected, however, that it is often the case that the beholder who, perceiving something mysterious (inexplicable), a strange vision or event outside the normal, ‘explains’ it in terms of the supernatural and invests with the sacred. SONIC SILVER is a good example.lightning

is that which is the object of veneration and awe. The term comes from the Latin sacer meaning restricted or set off. A person may be designated as sacred, and so can an object or a place which is regarded as extraordinary or unique. The term sacer is closely related to numen meaning mysterious power or god. Numinous is used to describe the sacred to indicate its power. Various traditions around the world have a term which correlates with sacer. In Hebrew the term is qadosh, in Greek hagios, in Arabic muqaddas, and in Polynesian tapu. Correlates of numen are found in the Sanskrit word Brahman, in the Sioux wakanda, the Melanesian mana, and the old German word haminja meaning luck. The presumption is that the divine or some supernatural or spiritual force is manifesting itself to the beholder, who feels privileged thereby. It may be suspected, however, that it is often the case that the beholder who, perceiving something mysterious (inexplicable), a strange vision or event outside the normal, ‘explains’ it in terms of the supernatural and invests with the sacred. SONIC SILVER is a good example.